Moving through the search rankings and gaining a top spot in Google’s natural search results is undoubtedly good for business (it can be as much as 33% more traffic than second place!).  And, given that Google holds about 85% of the search market, we assume that’s where you want to be!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital channel in your digital marketing strategy; with targeted research, identification of opportunities and the right content, you can acquire ‘sales-focussed’ visitors and convert them

SEO in your Digital Marketing plans…

Whether you have a digital marketing strategy in-place, or would like us to help you create one, Search Engine Optimisation can support and drive your marketing, enhance your brand, drive new traffic and fuel your business.

Working closely with you, we are able to identify internet traffic with the most potential (depending on where people are in their own purchasing cycle).  So whether you’re targeting consumers (B2C ) or other businesses (B2B), we can help you acquire focused leads and opportunity – there are people searching for your products and services right now!

Google’s ‘magic number’

Although Google keeps it’s ‘magical’ algorithm for calculating a web page’s success a secret, we know that there are a number of things you can do to improve your chance of moving up the page. We can advise you on a strategy, and carry out actions that will help propel your business up the Google search rankings, enabling you to gain more qualified leads.

What can you do?

Each business requires a slightly different approach depending on their reach and target market, and these factors will determine how much competition there is to climb up the search engine rankings. For example, a business competing for ‘car insurance leads’ from ‘anywhere in the UK’ will find that there is tough competition, and so would expect to work to a long time-scale, with some intense SEO work, and a larger budget. At the other end of the scale, a business competing for ‘garden design’ in ‘Shrewsbury’ will have much less competition, and the answer may be as simple as a well-structured, clean-coded website with some interesting blog posts sprinkled with your key phrases and words. In a nutshell, it’s all about beating the competition to your own key phrases or words whether on a local, national or international basis.

Digital Marketing Mix

Contact us to find out more about how search engine optimisation (SEO) can help your business. If you are looking for more immediate traffic then it would be wise to consider Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing on Google Adwords. Read more about our Pay Per Click service. Pay Per Click advertising is powerful and can bring you immediate traffic – you should always consider Pay Per Click advertising as part of your online marketing mix.

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